Arrigo Paludano or Arrigo Fiammingo (original Flemish name Hendrik Van Den Broeck; born 1519 in Mechelen, died 28 September 1597 in Rome) was a Flemish painter. He was specialised in religious paintings and also painted stained glass windows.

In 1557 he wass mentioned as a glass painter for Cosimo de'Medici in Florence and from 1561 he was active in Umbria, where we find his work in the cahedral of Orvieto. We find several paintings of his in Perugia and later Assisi.

From 1567 he worked in Rome and Naples. The fresco of The Ressurection of Christ in the Sistine Chapel dates from 1571/1572. He returned to Umbria in 1581 and worked there until 1588, when he again went to Rome to work in the Vatican and the basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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