Corpus Domini alla Garbatella is the church of a convent of Sisters, Disciples of the Eucharistic Christ at Via delle Sette Chiese 91 in the suburb of Garbatella to the south of the city. This is a modern religious order, founded in 1952. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

It is a modern interpretation of the neo-Romanesque style. The façade is in puce brick, with horizontal stripes in red brick. Two large plain concrete pillars frame it, and another two frame the door. The portion of the façade between the latter projects. The unsupported entrance canopy forms a chevron, which is replicated in the roofline and, inverted, by the bottom of the large irregular hexagonal stained glass window tucked in under the roofline. There is a vertical strip stained glass window between the canopy and this hexagon, and a mosaic of the Divine Initials (IHS) accompanied by angels under the entrance canopy.

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