Filippo della Valle (born 1697 in Florence, died 29 April 1768 in Rome) was an Italian sculptor.

He was student of Giambattista Foggini and Camillo Rusconi. He lived in Rome since 1724 and became a member of the Accademia di San Lucca in 1730.

His sons- in-law were the goldsmith Luigi Valadier, the painters Christoph Underberger and Gabriel Durán and the sculptor Juan Adam. A fifth daughter was the paintress Camilla della Valle (1748 - 1777).

He and his daughter Camilla were buried at Santa Susanna.

Works in RomeEdit

Church Work Date
San Giovanni dei Fiorentini Tomb of Girolamo Sanminiati 1733
San Giovanni in Laterano Temperance, statue in Corsini Chapel 1754
San Giovanni dei Fiorentini The Sermon of St John Baptist, relief on the facade 1735
Santi Apostoli Tomb of Maria Clementina 1735
[San Tommaso di Canterbury]] Tomb of Thomas Deheram 1739
Santa Maria Maggiore Statue of St Nicolas Albergati on the facade  
Santa Maria in Trastevere Tomb of Cardinal Conradini 1743
San Pietro in Vaticano Statue of St John of God, first transept 1744
San Pietro in Vaticano Tomb of Innocence XII with statue 1746
Santa Maria della Scala oval relief of St Therese ca 1746
Sant'Ignazio Annunciation, relief on the altar 1749
San Giovanni dei Fiorentini Statues of Caritas and Fortitutio 1750
San Giovanni dei Fiorentini Memorial for Clement XII with bust before the entrance to the sacristy  
San Pietro in Vaticano statue of St Therese of Avila, right site of nave 1754
San Giovanni in Laterano Tomb of Nicolo Antonelli 1767

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