Madonna del Rosario a Via Laurentina is a late 20th century public dependent chapel, located on the roundabout (gyratory) between the Via Laurentina and Via di Vallerano. This is next to the small suburb of Valleranello, just south of the Circonvallazione Meridionale and in the Vallerano suburban zone.

The dedication is to Our Lady of the Rosary.


The chapel was erected near the turn of the millennium next to a new road junction on the Via Laurentina intended to serve new suburban development in the locality.

It was initially the responsibility of the parish of Gesù Divin Salvatore, but since 2010 is under the care of San Carlo Borromeo a Fonte Laurentina.

The site is still (2014) surrounded by fields although the suburbs are getting close.


It looks like a church, being in a vaguely Gothic style. It is a little rectangular building, with whitewashed walls and a gabled tiled roof having protruding eaves. There is a nave of three bays, and a sanctuary occupying a further bay which has its own lower roof.

The nave has a three pointed Gothic windows outlined in brick in each side wall, and two more flanking the entrance. The latter is also in the shape of a Gothic arch, outlined in brick and with a fresco of Our Lady in the tympanum above the door.

There is a little bellcote or campanile over the bottom right hand corner.


Mass is celebrated on Sundays at 10:30.

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