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Nostra Signora di Fatima a San Vittorino is the Italian shrine to Our Lady of Fatima. It is on Via Ponte Terra to the east of the old village of San Vittorino, and is the easternmost church in Rome. Pictures of the church on Wikimedia Commons. [1]

This church is in the municipality of Rome, but belongs to the diocese of Tivoli. It is run by the Oblate Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima.


It was designed by Lorenzo Monardo, and completed in 1979. On a circular plan, it has the form of an inverted funnel clad in metallic tiles. Four pairs of concrete ribs run from top to bottom of the funnel and at their bottom ends enclose entrances with parabolic canopies that protrude and reach the ground. The one on the west, the main entrance, is much larger than the other three. In between the entrances, the base of the funnel is enclosed by low walls topped by strips of windows.


The interior is a simple circular space, surrounding a central altar in white marble on a black marble base. Behind the altar a figure of an angel holds the tabernacle, and is accompanied by sculptures of Lucia, Jacinta and Francesco, the visionaries of Fatima. This group is by Montagutti. Left and right of the interior as one enters are a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and a crucifix. The bronze set of the Way of the Cross is by Gabriele di Jagnotto, and the stained glass by Ugolino da Belluno who is a Franciscan.

The church has a crypt, which is dedicated to Francisco and Jacinta, who have been beatified.

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