Nostra Signora di Lourdes a Torrevecchia is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santa Maria della Presentazione a Torrevecchia, and is located at Via Cristoforo Numai 15 in the south of Torrevecchia which in the Primavalle quarter.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her aspect of Our Lady of Lourdes.

It occupies a ground-floor shop unit in a three-storey Sixties apartment block, the first one on the left after turning off the Via di Torrevecchia into Via Cristoforo Numai. Look for the fascia saying Cappella Nostra Signora di Lourdes.

Mass is celebrated:

Weekdays 17:00 (not June to August, Mondays to Fridays);

Sundays and Solemnities 9:30.

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