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Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo Divino Maestro is a dependent chapel of the parish of San Giorolamo a Corviale, and is located at Via Portuense 741 in the suburb of Corviale. It is part of the Casa Betania, the Generalate of the “Sisters, Disciples of the Divine Master”.

It was designed by Blessed James Alberioni, the founder of the congregation, and completed in the early 1960’s. Since 1999, the sisterhood has opened it to the public and wish it to be regarded as a fully-fledged church.

It is on an elliptical plan, strictly speaking an elliptic icosagon, with the entrance on the major axis. The remote model is San Stefano Rotondo. The unit of symmetry of the building itself is based on a pentagon with parallel vertical sides, and twenty of these put together form the frame of the ambulatory which is infilled to form the girdle wall. The roofline of the ambulatory hence zig-zags. Above this roof rises a gigantic lantern containing twenty pentagonal stained glass windows, and a similar roofline. In the centre of the lantern roof is a small fleche.

The spectacular set of twenty stained glass windows were designed by Cesarina Giordani, and completed in 1979. They illustrate aspects of Christian doctrine by means of abstract swirling and radiating forms.

This is one of the modern suburban churches of Rome most worth a visit.

External linkEdit

Congregation's webpage describing church

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