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Pamphilj, Cappella dei is the purely private funerary chapel of the Doria Pamphilj family, and is the only property still owned by them on their former estate of the Villa Doria Pamphilj. It is at the south end of the Viale del Maglio, and architecturally amounts to a small church. Picture of the church on Wikimedia Commons. [1]

It was designed by Odoardo Collomarini and completed in 1902, a small but highly decorated rectangular edifice with a segmental apse in the neo-Romanesque style with some Gothic influence. The walls are of white bricks pointed with dark red mortar, giving a striking effect. The outsize gabled porch is approached by a balustraded staircase, the balustrades having carved roundels. The porchhas a semi-circular arched entrance, and is supported by four rather spindly bluish marble pillars having Composite capitals. The ceiling is vaulted, with mosaics. The actual entrance is arched, with two orders and hence two pairs of pillars with capitals, and contains a tympanum with a relief of Christ. Above the porch is a row of five arches across the façade, these being just slightly pointed. The middle three enclose windows, and these have double pilasters. At each end of this arcade is a coat of arms, one of the Doria family and one of the Pamphilj. Above the arcade, occupying the gable, is a large mosaic of Our Lady holding the Christ Child on her lap and being venerated by angels.

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