Sacro Cuore di Gesù a Prenestino was a small early 20th century church in the Prenestino-Labicano quarter, just south of the Via Prenestina on the south-west corner of the crossing of Via del Conte di Carmagnola with Via Muzio Attendolo. It has been demolished.

The dedication was to the Sacred Heart.

This is a very obscure lost church of Rome, but features in maps (including the latest Michelin city map!) and in an old photo on the external link.

It was neo-Romanesque in style, with a square campanile having a pyramidal cap to the left of the façade. It was apparently a gym after being deconsecrated, but is now gone.

Just to the west is a convent and school of the Sorelle della Misericordia, known as the Casa Sacro Cuore, and this has its own private chapel.

External linkEdit

Old photo (scroll down)

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