San Girolamo a Corviale is a mid 20th century parish and titular church at Via dei Buonvisi 3 in the locality of Corviale, in the Gianicolense suburban district.

The dedication is to St Jerome.

History Edit

The church stands a small distance to the north of the Via Portuense, and replaced the small 17th century Cappella Fantini on that road.

The parish was established in 1960, and the church built immediately. It was designed by Francesco Fornari.

The church was made titular in 2015, its first cardinal priest being Luis Héctor Villalba.

Appearance Edit

The edifice is in a Modernist interpretation of the neo-Romanesque style. The plan is entirely traditional, being rectangular with a five-sided apse attached. The apse has a lower elevation than the main bulding. The nave has no aisles, and the roofs are pitched and tiled. The side walls are of red brick at either end, but with five large panels rendered in pale beige running from ground to roofline in between. These are separated by thin strips of brick, and each panel has one window high up, a vertical rectangle with a curved top. The apse is entirely rendered, with thin decorative vertical brick strips and a pair of windows in the sides attaching to the main edifice.

The entrance façade is hardly a façade at all, for the entire frontage is recessed within the two brick side walls and the gabled roof, leaving an enormous void. Into this is inserted a porch with three arched portals, the curves of the arches being very shallow and the piers being of brick. The roof of this is pitched and tiled, with a very shallow single pitch. Above the porch the wall is in blank beige, and bears a large Latin cross in brown.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated:

Weekdays 8:00, 18:00 (not August);

Sundays and Solemnities 8:00, 10:00, 19:00.

External links Edit

Official diocesan web-page

Parish website

Info.roma web-page

Beweb web-page

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