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San Giuseppe Moscati is a modern parish church at Via Libero Leonardi 41, in the suburb of Torre Maura north-west of the junction between the Via Tuscolana and the Circonvallazione Orientale. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

The patron saint, Giuseppe Moscati, was a doctor of medicine in Naples in the early 20th century.

The church was designed by Giuseppe Abruzzini, and completed in 1991. It is part of a social centre, and what one sees at the entrance is a pair of single-storey wings having a single row of windows under the thin projecting edge of a flat concrete roof. At the corner where these meet at right angles is the entrance to the church courtyard, which is wide and sheltered by a continuation of the roof supported by three concrete columns arranged in a triangle. The church itself is on the other side of the courtyard. Its plan is based on a trapezoid with a short vertical axis, the long base of the trapezoid forming the entrance frontage. At the altar end there is an attached apse created by a wall leaning inwards, and which has a triangular window at each end. The side walls are incorporated into the larger edifice. The outer zones of the roof are also part of the overall flat roof of the social centre, but in the centre is an enormous lantern formed by one half of a pyramid cut along a diagonal. The sloping sides face the altar, and are in glass. The triangular vertical side faces the entrance courtyard, and has a white frame. An arc separates the space into two windows, a lower one which is a large lunette with mullions in diagonal rows and the upper one which has a hyperbolic curve on top and follows the arc below. This fenestration is a very striking architectural feature.

Below this fenestration is a line of flat roof, an on it is a smaller dark grey half-pyramid with its diagonal face joined to the larger one and with its tip in glass. Below this, and in front of the roofline, is a triangle in red brick bearing a wooden cross, which reaches as high as the roofline. The sloping sides of the little pyramid are continued down to flank this. The actual entrances are on either side.

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