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San Giuseppe dell’Opera Don Guanella

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San Giuseppe dell’Opera Don Guanella

English name: St Joseph of the Works of Don Guanella
Dedication: Joseph
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 20th century
Contact data
Address: Via Aurelia Antica 438

San Giuseppe dell’Opera Don Guanella is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santa Maria della Perseveranza , and is located at Via Aurelia Antica 438, in the Aurelio district just east of the Villa Doria Pamphilj. It belongs to the Congregation of the Servants of Charity founded by Blessed Luigi Guanella.

The tiny rectangular chapel has a façade painted in pale blue with white details. It has a rectangular frame, crowned with a triangular pediment with a slightly vertically elliptical window. The doorway is also framed simply, and has a round-headed window on each side.

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