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San Leonardo Murialdo is a modern parish church at Via Salvatore Pincerle 144, in the Ostiense district just to the south-west of San Paolo fuori le Mura.

The parish is administered by the congregation of Josephites of Murialdo, whose founder the patron saint Leonardo Murialdo was. It has taken over much of the territory of the defunct parish of San Paolo.

The church was designed by Giuseppe Forti, and completed in 1978. It is in red brick, featuring horizontal and vertical lines delineating cuboidal forms standing vertically, with much blank walling and flat roofs. This would be called post-modern if built nowadays. The plan is basically that of a right-angled triangle, with the right angle to the right of the entrance and the hypoteneuse running from near left to far right. The entrance and lobby occupies the left hand acute angle, and has a lower roof than the main church. The fascia of the porch canopy is grey concrete instead of brick, and bears a dedicatory inscription. The geometric form of the main edifice is complicated, and is best elucidated by looking at the aerial photos on the external link below.

There is a tall campanile attached to the angle to the left of the entrance, rather like a factory chimney at first glance except that it is triangular in plan.

Outside the entrance is a sculptural group by Michele Greco of 1987, and some interesting stained glass inside depicting the life of the patron saint.

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