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San Massimiliano Kolbe a Via Prenestina is a modern parish church at Via Polizzi Generosa, in the suburb of Prato Fiorito in the Torre Angela district. This is on the Via Prenestina, east of the Circonvallazione Orientale.

The dedication is to St Maximilian Kolbe.


It was designed by Mattia del Prate, and completed in 2009.

On an octagonal plan, it is a very striking edifice. The entrance frontal has a monumental stone arched doorway of four undecorated orders, framed by a rectangular window of blue glass with the panes fixed so as to give a rayed effect. There are two vertical strips of blue windows at each corner, and the glass in the rest of the church is also blue. The walls are travertine, and the roof has yellow tiles with a low lantern dome in the centre which is topped by a cubical skylight with a pyramidal finial having a ball and cross at its tip.

There is a tall campanile in red brick to the right of the entrance, having a chamfered square plan. There are two horizontal stone bands a third and two-thirds of the way up, and above the slit bell opening, open all sides, there is a pyramidal roof matching the lantern dome of the church in style. Hence, the edifice presents the viewer with a composition in red, white, yellow and blue.

The side walls are blank, with windows under the roofline, and there are two vertical rows of windows behind the altar.


The interior is dominated by an enormous fresco behind the altar, in traditional Russian iconic style showing various events in Christ’s life. The walls are white, and the ceiling is of wooden planks with radial rafters.

This is one of the best modern churches in Rome.

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