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San Maurizio Martire is a modern parish church at Via del Poggio di Acilia 110, on the north side of the suburb of Acilia on the Via del Mare.

The parish is administered by the Risurrezionisti or "Resurrectionists".

The patron saint, St Maurice, was a solider martyr who gave his name to St Moritz in Switzerland and who features in the legend of the Theban Legion.

The church was built in 1981, to an enjoyable design which contrasts with the bleakness of the suburb.

The plan is of an isosceles triangle, with a rectangular extension affixed at an angle on the right hand side. The façade is an equilateral triangle in white, with an entrance having an unsupported horizontal canopy. Above that is a large circular window with a cross motif created by two pairs of parallel lines at right angles separating the panes. There is a very narrow vertical strip window bisecting the façade above and below this circular window. There is no separate roof, as the sloping blank walls meet at the median of the isosceles triangle which runs to near the ground at the altar end. The left hand wall has a segmental extrusion containing windows.

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Official diocesan web-page

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