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San Mauro Abate is a modern parish church at Via Francesco Sapori 10, off the Via Laurentina south-east of the Laurentina metro terminus.

The district is known as Fonte Ostiense. This has been an area of deprivation, and also of anti-Christian attitudes which the parish community has tried to overcome through social action.

The patron saint, St Maurus, was allegedly a monastic disciple of St Benedict at Subiaco. His being described as an abbot is reliant on a mediaeval French story which is a demonstrable forgery. Apparently for this reason, he has been deleted from the Roman martyrology altogether and is the only saint with a church dedication in Rome to suffer this fate.

It was designed by Ennio Canino, and was completed in 1990 after the previous temporary building had been burned down in an arson attack. It is on the plan of a Maltese cross, with a circular central roof which has two opposite quadrants raised in the middle to allow for skylight windows in the gaps created. The walls between the arms of the cross form quarter-circles. There is an entrance hall with an inwardly curving frontage.

External linksEdit

Official diocesan web-page

Aerial photo

Parish website

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