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San Melchiade is a modern parish church at Via Costantiniana 19 in the Labaro district, on the right bank of the Tiber north of the Circonvallazione Settentrionale.

The dedication is actually to Pope St Miltiades, who was reigning when the emperor Constantine gave peace to the Church in 313 (witness the name of the street) by means of the Edict of Milan. "Melchiades" is an erroneous spelling with a long pedigree, but it has been corrected in the revised Roman martyrology. The church, however, has not been renamed.

It was designed by Giuseppe Spina and Calogero Benedetto, and opened in 1976.

Another striking example of an untraditional church design, it has a very unusual plan formed from a capital P with a semi-circle attached halfway up the stem. The entrance is at the top of the P, on a slant with an upwardly curving canopy that gives the impression of welcome. The roof is flat, with a single conical skylight, and the white concrete walls have few windows .There is a towering detached campanile formed of a thin slab of white concrete.

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