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San Nicola al Villaggio dei Pescatori is a 20th century subsidiary parish church at the junction between Via delle Quinqueremi and Via dei Brigantini, on the eastern edge of Lido di Ostia. The district is Lido di Ostia Levante.

The dedication is to St Nicholas of Bari.


The history of the church is tied up with the village of Borghetto dei Pescatori, just to the east. This grew up as a collection of shacks erected by Neapolitan fishermen at the mouth of an ancient Roman canal now called the Canale dei Pescatori. The canal mouth formed a convenient harbour for their small boats, and the hamlet was in place by 1890.

Development of Lido di Ostia by the Fascist government in the 1920's threatened to clear the shanties, especially when the shore road (now the Lungomare Duilio) was built. However, the author and Fascist sympathizer Margherita Sarfatti intervened on behalf of the fishermen and so a planned settlement was built for them instead next to the canal.

The church was built as part of this in 1932, a little to the west.

However, it was too small to function as a parish church later in the century and so is now a subsidiary church in the parish of San Nicola di Bari a Lido di Ostia (the church of which replaced it for pastoral purposes).


It is a small, simple single-naved building with a round apse integral with the side walls, standing rather lost next to a football field in a bleak suburban location.

The gabled façade is dominated by a massive arch reaching almost to the roofline, with a recessed interior containing the doorway. The latter is framed by another wide arch. There is a double bellcote on the left edge of the roofline. The body of the church is painted grey, with a red tiled roof.

External linksEdit

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