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San Nicola di Bari a Lido di Ostia is a 20th century Fascist-era parish church at Via Gian Carlo Passeroni 1 in the eastern outskirts of Lido di Ostia, near the train station of Stella Polari. The zone is LdO Levante.

Name Edit

The dedication is to St Nicholas of Bari, but before 1918 the dedication was to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of "Star of the Sea" (Stella Maris).

History Edit

The mother church of the settlement of Lido di Ostia (often just called "Ostia") is Santa Maria Regina Pacis a Ostia Lido. The subsidiary church of San Nicola al Villaggio dei Pescatori was built in 1932, and this is regarded as the remote progenitor of the parish. It still functions as a subsidiary Mass centre.

However, the history of the present parish church is rather odd. The edifice was erected in 1937 as part of the facilities of the Collegio Nautico IV Novembre, an enormous institution for the training of sailors founded by the Fascist government. The architect was Giuseppe Boni. The main premises are on the Via delle Fiamme Gialle, and are still impressive despite having lost the tall central tower. They are now occupied by the Guardia di Finanza. The former chapel is tucked away in a corner of the large site.

The chapel became redundant after the college closed, in the mid 20th century. However, it was acquired by the Diocese in 1958 as the main church for the new parish of Santa Maria Stella Maris. This was intended as a temporary measure, until a permanent parish church was built.

The parish meanwhile opened a subsidiary church at Viale dei Promontori 116. When the project for a permanent church was finally approved, it was decided to build it on this site and leave the Fascist chapel alone. This was done in 1977. See Santa Maria Stella Maris a Castel Palocco.

Finally, in 1981 the parish of San Nicola was erected by dividing the Stella Maris parish and the Fascist edifice finally acquired a permanent function. The subsidiary church of San Nicola al Villaggio dei Pescatori was also added to it, with some territory from Santa Maria Regina Pacis a Ostia Lido. This church is still open.

Exterior Edit

a pale pink edifice standing away from the street having a flat roof and a small projecting Egyptian-style cornice. The façade has three large and tall arched niches, the central one taller and narrower and enclosing a round-headed lancet window. The windows of the main body of the church are similar. There is no doorway, as the entrance is round the side. A rectangular bell-cote is attached on the left hand corner of the façade.

Interior Edit

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated:

Weekdays 7:30, 18:00;

Sundays and Solemnities 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, 18:30. There is a Mass in Polish at 17:00.

External links Edit

Official diocesan web-page

Parish website

Info.roma web-page

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