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San Pancrazio alla Isola Farnese is an old parish church at Via dell’Isola Farnese 252. Pictures of the Church on Wikimedia Commons [1]

This church is in the municipality of Rome, but belongs to the diocese of Porto Santa Rufina.


Isola Farnese is an old village, now on the edge of the suburban area in the north-west of the municipality. The church was built by the Orsini family, the owners of the castle nearby, in the 15th century as a nave with two aisles and an apse. The façade and campanile were added in the following century.


The façade is very simple, rendered in faded orange. The door has a marble frame, and above it a double lintel. Above this there is a porthole window, and the space between the two is occupied by a marble trapezoidal tablet curved to match. The campanile was added to the left side of the nave part of the façade, breaking the roofline, and the lower stage is one with the façade. It has a clock face on the aisle side. The bell stage has arched openings, and a pyramidal cap surrounded by a flat edge. There is an inscribed stone on the lower left hand corner of the façade, reading Lmunatio felici patri which is bad Latin for “illumination of a happy father”.


The interior has several frescoes of the 16th century. On one side of the entrance is a Madonna and Child venerated by SS John the Evangelist and Anthony the Great, and on the other there is a Nativity. One of the nave pillars has Our Lady suckling the Child. In the apse there are two frescoes; below, the Dormition of Our Lady and, above, the Crowning of Our Lady in heaven.

In the right aisle is a 15th century wooden crucifix, a font bearing the arms of the Farnese and a holy water stoup made up of two ancient Roman capitals and a palaeochristian marble relief of two doves at a spring. The left hand aisle ends in a chapel with a painting of St Pancras by Pomarancio, and the right hand one in a chapel with a painting showing the Madonna and Child being venerated by SS Dominic and Catherine of Siena. This is perhaps by the Cavalier d’Arpino. Around it are fifteen tiles depicting the mysteries of the Rosary.

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