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San Stanislao a Don Bosco is a modern parish church at Viale Rolando Vignali 15, off the Via Tuscolana east of Cinecittà in the Don Bosco district. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

The dedication is to St Stanislaus.

It was designed by Aldo Aloysi, and completed in 1991.

In plan it is a square formed of nine smaller squares, each of the smaller squares having a separate section of flat roof separated by concrete vanes. The square above the altar has a pyramidal skylight. The church itself has low walls, in white concrete. The side containing the entrance has an additional, lower range running along it. The left hand corner, corresponding in area to one of the unit squares of the church, is taken up by an enormous flat square canopy supported by one square grey stone pillar, and above this on the frontage of the main church building is a dedicatory inscription. To the right of this, the middle of the frontage has four lozenge-shaped stained glass windows, and above this the main building has a long window. The right hand part of the frontage is set back, and this part of the edifice continues down the right hand side of the main church as ancillary rooms.

The eye is caught by the tall campanile in grey to the left of the church, shaped rather like a tuning fork with the right hand blade slightly larger and taller than the left, and with a wide connecting strut at the top. The bells are hung between the blades. On top is a very large cross made out of steel rods, with circles at all four ends.

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Official diocesan web-page

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