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San Tommaso d’Aquino ad Alessandrino is a modern parish church at Via Roberto Lepetit 99/I in the Alessandrino district, south of the Via Prenestina and east of Centocelle.

The dedication is to St Thomas Aquinas.

It was designed by Aloisi Vichi, and completed in 1988.

The plan is basically square, but the structure is actually designed around a Greek cross with one arm slightly longer than the others. In between the arms are four identical square forms, with sides slightly longer than the cross is wide, resulting overall externally in a square edifice with three short transepts and one longer one. The elements of design mentioned are marked out by concrete vanes in the roof, which are continued vertically in the walls. The overall appearance is rather uninspiring, since the low walls are in white concrete and the entrance porch is an unadorned concrete slab supported on two pillars. The roof vanes and pilasters mentioned are in dark grey. Inside, there is a single space lit by four square skylights grouped in the centre of the cross, and one in front of the altar. These are inserted at a 45 degree angle to the axis of the church.

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