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San Vigilio is a modern parish church at Via Paolo Di Dono 218 in the suburb of Vigna Murata, to the east of the Laurentina metro station in the Ardeatino district.

The patron saint, Vigilius of Trent , was an early bishop of Trent (now Trento in north Italy) who was martyred by local rustics for overthrowing an idol in the year 405.

It was completed in 1990, as a low flat-roofed building on a square plan. The main entrance, approached down a walled alleyway, has three frontages which divide the façade into (left to right) a half and two quarters. The left half in yellow brick is furthest forward, the first right quarter containing the entrance is furthest back and the right quarter is midway. The right two quarters have walls in concrete, and the church with its ancillary buildings is walled either in concrete or in yellow brick. There is no entrance porch. The first right hand side wall, in concrete and facing the street, has a line of small and large porthole windows. The subsequent wall, nearer the street, is in brick.

External linksEdit

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