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San Vittorino Vescovo e Martire is in the Piazza Castello Barberini, in the old village of San Vittorino. It is south of the Strada dei Parchi and east of the Autostrada del Sole, and is the easternmost district in the municipality of Rome. The village is in a rural area, with no suburban development. Pictures of the church on Wikimedia Commons. [1]

This church is in the municipality, but belongs to the diocese of Tivoli and is due south of that town.


It is the village parish church, and is in an enclosed little piazza. It has a very simple gabled façade in ochre yellow, with a white border and no decoration. This looks smart after its restoration in 2008. The doorcase, with a curved top enclosing a blank segmental tympanum, is also in white stone as is the frame of the single window above. A rather rustic campanile is adjacent to the church, with round-headed openings in the main stage and smaller ones for the bells.


The simple single-naved whitewashed interior has a coved ceiling, and a fresco of the patron saint over the altar. Two fragments of ancient sculpture are preserved together, a small ribbed column of square cross-section and a marble block showing two soldiers either side of a blank inscription tablet.

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