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English name: St Agapitus
Dedication: Pope Agapitus I
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 1926
Contact data
Address: Viale della Venezia Giulia 21

Sant'Agapito is a modern parish church at Via della Venezia Giulia 21 in the Collatino district, between the Via Prenestina and the Prenestina train station. The dedication to St Agapitus recalls a lost 5th century church which once stood in the vicinity.

It was built simply and without any distinguishing architectural features in 1962, in the style of an army barracks hut with a little rectangular apse. However, there are some artworks of note. On the gable over the entrance is an almost life-sized figurative statue in metal of the Risen Christ. Inside, there is a wooden sculpture of St Anthony the Abbot by Helmut Perathoner, and a painting of the Baptism of Christ by Tarcisio Bedini.

If this church stood in a suburb further out, it would be a candidate for replacement by a modern architect-designed building. However, the locality is well supplied with other churches and the parish is probably too small to qualify. Especially, it is in the same street as Santa Maria Addolorata ai Goranni which was built in 2000.

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