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Sant’Igino Papa is a modern parish church at Via Ernesto Rossi 44 in the Collatino district, in the suburb of Colli dell’Aniene between the Via Tiburtina and the Strada dei Parchi. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

The patron saint is Pope Hyginus in English. He was of the early 2nd century, and by tradition was eighth after St Peter.


The church was designed by the partnership of Bevilacqua and Feci, and opened in 1991. It is a low, flat-roofed building in white concrete on a basically square plan. However, a trapezoidal range with slightly higher elevation and containing ancillary accommodation has been insterted into the square of the plan to the left of the altar, giving a complicated shape to the final layout. The exterior walls slope upwards and outwards

The entrance is in the lower right hand corner, facing the altar, and gives access to an internal loggia that runs the width of the church to the trapezoidal range mentioned. It is marked by a cross made from steel girders and attached to the frontage. Behind the cross can be seen the little campanile on the roof of the church, being an open cage of girders also shaped as a trapezoid.

Interior Edit

The wall above the high altar is entirely of stained glass, showing an abstract motif based on the Cross and dominated by light blue with yellow and red details. The interior is also lit by a strip skylight running along the major axis of the ceiling in front of the altar.

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