Sant’Isidoro Agricoltore is a later 20th century dependent chapel of the parish of Santi Urbano e Lorenzo a Prima Porta , and is located at Via Tiberina, three and a half kilometres from the junction with the Via Flaminia. This is near the east side of the Cimiterio Flaminio.

The patron saint, St Isidore the Farmer , was a farmer near Madrid in Spain in the 12th century, and the villagers chose him because of the rural nature of their village.

History Edit

The chapel was erected by the inhabitants of the small hamlet of Borgo Sant'Isidoro in 1986. They built it themselves, using the site of a public laundry.

Appearance Edit

It has a basic rectangular form, but the doorway has a pair of brick pillars supporting a triangular gable above the roofline, and this forms an open frame. It contains a metal silhouette forming a sunburst enclosing a chi-rho symbol.

Liturgy Edit

Mass is celebrated on Sundays and Solemnities (only) at 11:30.

External link Edit

Info.roma web-page

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