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Sant’Orsola delle Orsoline is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santa Francesca Cabrini , and is located at Via Livorno 50, just north-east of the Bologna metro station.

It is the convent chapel of the Ursuline Sisters of SS Charles and Ambrose, who run a school here. The modernist rectangular stone façade shows neo-Romanesque influence, with a monumental rectangular entrance without a canopy. Above this is a porthole window surrounded, very unusually, by a circular figurative relief sculpture. The flat roofline has a projecting cornice. Above the entrance the stonework is laid in a lozenge pattern

The chapel itself forms one side of a cloister, the other three sides of which are taken up by the school and convent under one roof. The main building of the chapel can be viewed from the Via di Sant’Orsola, and is in red brick with a nave, two aisles and an apse. The main windows are rectangular, the ones in the clerestory are circular and there is an oddly-formed circular lantern above the apse which has a projecting flat roof supported by concrete slabs like spokes. Below the rectangular aisle windows the brickwork is decorated by vertical niches broken by eight thin stone horizontal string courses.

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