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Santa Brigida di Svezia

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Santa Brigida di Svezia

English name: St Brigid of Sweden
Dedication: Brigid of Sweden
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 1983 (apartment building converted)
Contact data
Address: Via Luzzana 13

Santa Brigida di Svezia is a modern parish church at Via Luzzana 13, in the south of the Ottavia district and just east of the Circonvallazione Settentrionale.

The dedication is to St Bridget of Sweden.


This is one of three neighbouring parishes in Ottavia without proper churches, but which worship instead in shop "churches" in the ground floors of apartment blocks. The arrangement looks as if the Diocese tried an experiment  at Ottavia along the lines of how to evangelize the suburbs cheaply.

Hopefully the experiment has been judged a failure; these three parishes may be replaced by one with a genuine purpose-built church some time in the future. See Sant’Ilario di Poitiers and San Massimo Vescovo a Palmarola.

It parish was estabished in 1983, and is administered by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritani). They used to be called the Holy Ghost Fathers in English-speaking countries, but prefer the name Spiritans.


There no architecturally distinct church building. Instead, the parish took over the ground floor of a two-storey apartment building, rendered in puce, and uses that.

A small marble statue of the Sacred Hearth in the tiny garden area between the edifice and the street advertises it as a place of worship.

The interior is small and cramped, with walls and ceiling painted in white and a row of thin pillars supporting the roof down the left hand side. The right hand wall is the street frontage, and has domestic-style rectangular windows with poor-quality semi-abstract stained glass.

There is nothing of architectural or artistic interest here at all, and none in the locality either.

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