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Santa Giovanna Antida Thouret a Vigna Murata

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Santa Giovanna Antida Thouret a Vigna Murata

English name: Jeanne Antide Thouret at the Walled Vineyard
Dedication: Jeanne Antide Thouret
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 1980
Contact data
Address: Via Roberto Ferruzzi 110

Santa Giovanna Antida Thouret a Vigna Murata is a modern parish church at Via Roberto Ferruzzi 110, in the suburb of Vigna Murata to the east of EUR. This is part of the Giuliano-Dalmata district.

The patron saint is Jeanne Antide Thouret, the French foundress of the "Sisters of Charity of Besançon" who died in 1828.

The church was completed in 1980. It has the plan of an irregular hexagon, with two lengths of side and with short sides alternating with long ones. The roof is flat with orange eaves, and the walls are in concrete. There is a strip of windows in between walls and eaves. The roof has two large skylights created by raising cut-out shapes on one edge; one is shaped like an equilateral triangle, the other is a rectangle. The windows thus created face each other. There is a campanile made of a tall white concrete slab, with a large sideways-facing trapezoid cut out of the top. The bells are hung in this void.

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