Santa Maria Assunta al Gianicolo is a small and obscure church (or chapel) at Via delle Mantellate 11, on the lower slopes of the Gianicolo, off the Via della Lungara.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the aspect of her Assumption.


It was founded in 1820 as an oratory for a confraternity of pious young people called the Muccioli, and was known for the attached garden where they could recreate without danger of molestation.

The property has the same address as the Villa Alibert, which is a 17th century casino at the end of the Via degli Orti d'Alibert (the next street north of the Via delle Mantellate).

It has lately been used as a catechetical centre.

Present statusEdit

At present the Diocese lists this as a full church, a dependency of the parish church of Santa Maria in Traspontina.

However the parish of Santa Dorotea advertises a Mass here on Sunday at 11:30, and gives the title Oratorio Paolo VI. It also gives the address as Via delle Mantellate 11/A rather than 11.


The address is at the far end of Via delle Mantellate, just before the steps and on the right.

On the way there is an arched doorway, with a tondo containing a relief of the Holy Family above. This is at number 22.

2011 Assunta in Cielo

This tondo at number 22 contains a relief depicting the Holy Family.

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