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Santa Maria Assunta e San Giuseppe a Primavalle is a modern parish church with a postal address at Via dei Monti di Primavalle 3, in the east part of Primavalle to the south of Torrevecchia in the west of the city. The main entrance is on the Piazza Clemente XI.

The parish is administered by the Poveri Servi della Divina Provvidenza, also known as the Opera Don Calabria. The double dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the aspect of her Assumption, and to St Joseph.


The church was designed by Tullio Rossi, and completed in 1951 to a rectangular plan with a five-sided external apse but no aisles. The roof is pitched and tiled, with slightly overhanging eaves. Here we have a rather modernistic interpretation of the neo-Romanesque style, with a façade that is classical in outline. However, it is blank brickwork except for a wide white concrete beam above the entrance, which has a winged floating canopy shaped like a low W with curved strokes. There is a Papal coat-of-arms below this, over the door. The triangular pseudo-pediment is occupied by a set of fifteen recessed vertical strip windows separated by unadorned concrete pilasters. As regards the brickwork of the façade, the corners are occupied by ordinary modern work but for the main façade wall the architect specified bricks of ancient Roman dimensions arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Especially notable are the bronze panels on the entrance door, featuring scenes from the New Testament. The nave side walls have six bays, each painted creamy white and with a round window in a brick frame. The bays are separated by brick pilasters. On the right side of the apse is the priests' house, and where this attaches to the top right hand corner of the nave there is a campanile on the roofline. This starts as a quadrilateral slab in the same colour as the nave bays and the frontage of the house, with no seam between it and the latter. The left hand edge is vertical, the right hand one slopes inwards. This slab is topped with a horizontal brick string course, above which it continues as an arched soundhole with a little tiled gable. Another brick string course cuts across the arch.


The interior is rather simple, aisleless with engaged square pilasters holding up the roof. The latter is open in typical Rossi style, with transverse wooden rafters and trusses. The apse is separated from the nave by a triumphal arch, and contains a painting of the Assumption flanked by round-headed stained glass windows. What enlivens an otherwise boring interior is the paintwork on pilasters and arch, broad horizontal stripes of brick red and creamy white on the pilasters and radial ones of brick red and yellow on the arch.

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