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Santa Maria Josefa del Cuore di Gesù is a 21st century parish church at Piazza Santa Maria Josefa del Cuore di Gesù 25, in the suburb of Castelverde di Lunghezza, north of Via Prenestina and south of the old village of Lunghezza. It is in the district of Lunghezza.

The dedication is to St Mary Joseph of the Heart of Jesus Sancho de Guerra (1842-1912) who founded the “Sisters, Servants of Jesus” at Bilbao in Spain.


The parish was erected in 1989, and dedicated to St Louise de Marillac. However, when a permanent church was proposed in 1997 it was decided to change the dedication to the present one. The church was completed in 2001.

The parish is administered by the Company of Mary, also known as the Montfort Fathers. 


The church has a post-modern design on a square plan, with blank grey walls in differing shades of grey on both sides.

The roof slopes from the horizontal top of the façade back on a parabolic arc. The façade itself is patterned in long rectangles together in concrete relief, rather like a box of matches. The entrance is on the right side, under an unsupported flat canopy, and on the left side is attached an ancillary building on a trapezoidal plan (shortest side as frontage) with walls in dull red with a grey stripe along the ground.

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