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Santa Maria Madre della Misericordia is a modern parish church at Via dei Gordiani 365, which is in the suburb of Gordiani south of the Via Prenestina. This is in the Prenestino-Labicano district.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy.

The church was designed by Tullio Rossi, and is one of his least inspiring works. The single-naved exterior is rendered in dull orange, and the gabled façade lacks any windows or decoration. The enclosed gabled porch looks like the end of a shed with a door. There is a gabled protrusion at the top of the façade, which could be a bell-cote if it wasn’t solid. The interior is also devoid of artistic interest.

It is a very ordinary church in a city full of extraordinary ones, and none the worse for that.

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