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Santa Maria Mater Ecclesiae a Torrino is a modern parish church at Via Sciangai 10 in the south-west of the suburb of Torrino, near the junction of the Via del Mare with the Circonvallazione Meridionale.

It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of "Mother of the Church" (Mater ecclesiae in Latin).


It was completed in 1988, and was intended to replace a small prefabricated building at Via Romualdo Chiesa 47, which had been opened in 1966. This proposal did not work out, because the latter building is in the north of Torrino, near the Tor di Valle train station and some distance from the new church. Some parishioners were not happy. Hence, both buildings are being used and the latter, the Piccola Chiesa, is in effect a second parish church rather than a dependent chapel.


The new church was designed by Giorgio Pacini on a rectangular plan, and completed in 1988. It is a low, horizontal building with a very wide façade. The monumental entrance is a gap in this, and on either side are small square windows tessellated in white concrete. There is a screen along the roofline in grey concrete, featuring a repeated series of four portholes in a vertical line, and this motif is repeated on side walls.. A monumental metal cross stands apart, to the right of the entranceway, with four horizontal arms at right angles. There is a theatre attached to the church, to the east.


The interior displays a very impressive set of modern mosaics in semi-figurative style; the Stations of the Cross is especially good, and notable also are the Crucifixion in the apse and one of the Resurrection showing the risen Christ greeting Pope John Paul II.

Piccola ChiesaEdit

The Piccola Chiesa is an unremarkable prefabricated structure, with block cladding and a four-gable raised roof allowing for windows under the roofline. It is only remarkable for containing a sculpture of Our Lady, Mother of the Church by Eustaccio Errani, created when the parish was founded and not (in the event) moved to the new church.

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