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Santa Maria Stella dell’Evangelizzazione is a modern parish church at Via Amsterdam 5 in the Città d’Europa, which is a new part of Torreone just south-west of the EUR and off the Via del Mare.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under a new title of hers which is "Our Lady, Star of Evangelization".


It was designed by Roberto Panella and completed in 2006, replacing an utterly inadequate little hut.

The very unusual plan is of an ellipse truncated at both ends, asymmetrically. The edifice is all in white concrete, and the entrance frontage is shaped like the top half of the letter D. The sweep of the curve forms the roof and the right hand wall of the church, and was likened by the architect to a billowing sail. There is a large window tucked into the top of the curve above the entrance, which has a cuboidal porch surrounded by an L-shaped strip window and with the actual doors patterned in squares, brown and cream with a central black cross. The upright of the half-D at the left of the entrance has a tower-feature formed of two thin vertical slabs of concrete pressed together. The campanile on the other side is triangular in plan, formed of vertical concrete strips.


The interior is white except for the roof, which is of steam-bent knotty pine rafters following the curve, and the stained glass which is in windows under the roofline over the altar and on the left. The glass is predominantly blue, with some yellow, in abstract designs.

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