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Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio a Porta Furba is a modern parish church at Via Tuscolana 613, in the Tuscolano district near the Porta Furba Quadraro metro station. Pictures of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

It is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of Our Lady of Good Counsel.


It was designed by Constantino Sneider in a derivative neo-Romanesque style, and opened in 1916. The plan is T-shaped, with a nave having aises, transepts and a small external semi-circular apse with a conch. The roofing style is, however, unusual. The nave roof is pitched and tiled, while the aisle roofs are flat. The crossing and transepts are roofed under a single pitch, with the ridge transverse and with the roof as a whole higher than the one on the nave.

The façade is of pink brick, and is dominated by the large round-headed doorway in white marble, with Corinthian pilasters. The simplified capitals of these are in dark grey, and the arch above is painted in two wide zones of white below and light tan-yellow above. There is a thin dark grey stripe in the white, and a light grey one dentillated in white in the tan. A terracotta relief of the Madonna and Child is in the tympanum. Above the doorway is a string course also painted light tan-yellow, and on this is a row of three round-headed windows with the glass in each forming a Latin cross. There is no proper pediment. The roofline protrudes slightly, and is supported by thirty small stone corbels. On the corners of the façade are two broad brick pilasters, and where these come close to the roofline the vertical plane is continued under these corbels. This zone of brickwork is decorated with thirteen small incised pendant arches supported by stone corbels. There is a pair of matching corbels in between the three windows.

The aisle frontages are separately treated in the design. The aisle doors are slightly smaller than the main door, and have plain marble cases. Above each is a round window, with a Greek cross in red glass. The roofline is horizontal.

The church is constrained by tall buildings on either side, so the exterior walls are not visible from the entrance. However, in Via Santa Maria del Buon Consiglio to the right the left transept and apse can be examined. The exterior walls are rendered in puce, with a large round-headed window in the transept end walls flanked by two smaller and narrower ones. Another round-headed window is inserted into the front and back wall of each transept, and the nave walls have rows of them under the rooflines. The apse is windowless.

There is no campanile. The two bells are hung in a metal frame attached unusually to the building next door on the left, and these are accessed by a metal spiral staircase.


The aisle arcades are walled off to form separate chapels, with galleries inserted into the arches above. Each arcade pier has a half-round grey granite column with Corinthian capitals, which support transverse masonry arches supporting the roof. These, like the walls, are painted in white and edged in tan-yellow and dark grey.

The pitched ceilings are in varnished wood, coffered in squares and decorated with geometric motifs rather like mediaeval encaustic tiling.

The apse is completely occupied by a large fresco of the Madonna and Child being adored by angels and saints, painted in a realistic style.

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