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Santa Maria del Ponte e San Giuseppe is a modern parish church at Via Albi 89, in the suburb of Albi in the Acilia Nord district, north of the Via del Mare on the way to Ostia.

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of the Bridge, and her husband St Joseph. The title orginated at Lanciano near Chieti, and the cathedral there (the Basilica della Madonna del Ponte) has this dedication. It refers to a statue of Our Lady found when a bridge was being rebuilt in 1088. Surprisingly, she has a shrine at Caltagirone in Sicily.

The parish was established in 1985, and has not obtained a proper church building yet. It uses a small hall behind a domestic building, flat-roofed and with the walls tiled in pale green. There is no architectural interest to be had.

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