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Santa Maria dell’Orto dell’Instituto Antonio Maria Gianelli

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Santa Maria dell’Orto dell’Instituto Antonio Maria Gianelli is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santi Fabiano e Venanzio a Villa Fiorelli, and is located at Via Mirandola 15 just north of the Tuscolana train station. It belongs to a school run by the Sisters, Figlie di Maria Santissima dell’Orto who are generally known as Gianelline.

For a school chapel, it is very large and impressive. The complex is above the level of the street, and the plain stone gabled façade is approached by a flight of stairs. It has a porthole window, but is otherwise undecorated. The rectangular aisled building has a small rectangular apse, and over the east end is a drum dome with windows insterted, topped by a flat roof and a small lantern.

There is an erroneous address being used in online information. Those looking for number 21, rather than number 15, will find themselves at a jazz club (a good one, too).

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