Santa Maria della Riforma was a very small public devotional chapel in the Via della Consulta entrance of the Palazzo della Consulta. This is in the rione Monti.

The dedication was to the Blessed Virgin Mary, under her title of Our Lady of Reform.

The Palazzo was built in 1735, but the tiny chapel was only established in a small chamber off this side entrance in 1889. This was in the context of the building being used as law courts by the Kingdom of Italy; it is now the Constitutional Court of Italy. The title refers, of course, to the wish for criminals to be reformed by means of graces obtained through the prayers of Our Lady.

There used to be an icon of Our Lady exposed for veneration there under this title, behind an iron grille. Nowadays the title seems to be virtually unknown.

The date when this chapel fell out of use is unclear; perhaps under the Fascists, or after the declaration of the Republic.

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