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Santa Maria delle Grazie a Casal Boccone is a modern parish church at Via Luigi Carrer 43 in the district of Casal Boccone, within the Circonvallazione Orientale to the north-east of the city. Picture of (part of) the church on Wikimedia Commons. [1]

The dedication is to the Blessed Virgin Mary under her title of Our Lady of Graces.


It was designed by Garofalo Miura and completed in 2010, being one of the newest churches of Rome. A striking post-modern design, the plan is based on a rectangle with a square extension to the right of the altar and with ancillary buildings around a courtyard behind. The square extension contains the so-called weekday chapel. The exterior has blank walls juxtaposed in two colours: dark grey and apricot. The roof of the nave has a low negative double pitch to a line parallel to the major axis on the right hand side, along which the gulley runs, and the roof of the square extension continues this pitch. This means that the entrance façade has an unusual shape, being an irregular pentagon. Over the altar, on the side roofline to the left of the entrance façade and on that on the outer right hand roofline of the square extension are large cuboidal pavilions containing windows facing inwards. Façade and pavilions are in dark grey, but the side walls and walls of the extension are in apricot.

Over the entrance, which has a flat floating canopy, is a relief of Our Lady in a large rectangular recess.

The campanile is to the right of the entrance, forming an enormous thin dark grey slab with the bells inserted into the top in four separate rectangular apertures. There are five bells, so one aperture has two.


The interior is very simple, with walls and flat ceiling painted white. However, the natural lighting is unusual since it is not direct but diffuses from the three fenestrated kiosks on the roof. This gives the interior a rather numinous feel.

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