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Santa Melania Juniore is a modern parish church at Via Eschilio 100/E in the suburb of Axa in the district of Acilia Sud. It is just off the Via Cristoforo Colombo.

The dedication is to St Melania the Younger, not to be confused with her formidable grandmother Melania the Elder.


The church was designed by Aldo Aloysi and completed in 1986. It is a low building, on a hexagonal plan with the entrance at one angle. There is a three-sided apse at the opposite angle. To one side there is a prominent campanile in the form of three thin slab-pillars of concrete set at equidistant angles to each other and of different heights. The tallest bears a large cross, formed of two bundles of metal rods intended to symbolize wheatsheaves. The church is part of an extensive set of community sports and social facilities for the suburb.


The interior boasts a notable terracotta set of Stations of the Cross, not in separate units but as one frieze and attached to the wall to the left of the apse. It was created in 1988 by Giancarlo Miccà. There is good modern stained glass in almost square horizontal rectangles. There is a strip of these below the roofline either side of the entrance, and ten vertical strips of three each in the other walls. Two are in the apse flanking the fresco, and the other eight are at either side of each of the remaining walls.

The naturalistic and rather charming fresco above the altar shows the family of the patron saint having a picnic near Jerusalem. She was a Roman noblewoman who founded a nunnery on the Mount of Olives in 432, and knew most of the great Church fathers of the time.

External linksEdit

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