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Santa Monica al Lido di Ostia is a modern parish church at Piazza di Santa Monica 1, in the north-western part of Lido di Ostia.

The dedication is to St Monica, who died locally.

It was completed in 1972, as part of a complex of buildings rather typical of the modernist style of that time. The façade is set into a covered walkway, which runs on either side but not in front of the entrance. Above the canopy, which bridges the gap in the walkway roof, there are seven vertical panels formed by laying pinkish bricks in rows with the long sides showing vertically. A relief of a stylized “M” is on the central panel, there is a vertical row of windows on each side of the seven panels and a pair of square concrete pillars, set diagonally, occupies the outer corners.

The church is on the plan of a Latin cross, and the elevations of the transepts (in the same style) are visible further back.

Those looking at the parish website need to be aware that the main photo of the church frontage was taken using a fish-eye lens.

External linksEdit

Official diocesan web-page

Parish website

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