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Santa Restituta al Castello di Lunghezza is a dependent chapel of the parish of Santissima Trinità a Lunghezza , and belongs to the mediaeval Castello di Lunghezza by the Via della Tenuta del Cavaliere in Lunghezza. The entrance is to the left of the main gateway of the castle, on the Piazza di Lunghezza.

The castle is first recorded as a fortified Benedictine monastery in 752, but became a genuine fortress early in the Middle Ages. The noble families which owned it were successively the Conti di Poli, Orsini and Medici. In the 16th century it passed by marriage to the Strozzi, who owned it until the late 19th century. After being used as a convalescent home and a base for the German Army during the war, it fell into neglect but was restored as a hotel and fantasy theme park in the late 20th century. Meanwhile, the church of Santissima Trinità was built as a replacement for the parish.

The diocese lists another chapel, San Pietro, on the Piazza di Lunghezza (the driveway to the castle), but it is not clear what this is meant to be.

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