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Santa Rita da Cascia alle Vergini

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Santa Rita da Cascia alle Vergini
Maria delle Vergine
English name: St Rita of Cascia at the Virgins
Dedication: Rita of Cascia
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Built: 1634
Architect(s): Francesco Peparelli
Contact data
Address: Via del Umilta 83b

Santa Rita da Cascia alle Vergini (alternative name, Santa Maria delle Vergine) is a Baroque church at Via dell’Umiltà 83b, south of the Trevi Fountain in the rione Trevi.

It belongs to the Archconfraternity of St Rita of Cascia, and is a centre for devotion to the saint.


The church was designed by Domenico Castelli and rebuilt for an enclosed community of Augustinan nuns in 1634 by Francesco Peparelli, but the façade was designed by Mattia de’Rossi and added in 1696.

It was deconsecrated when the convent was sequestered by the Italian state after 1870. However, when the church of Santa Rita da Cascia at the foot of the Campodoglio was demolished and rebuilt on a different site in 1928, the Archconfraternity which used to own that church moved here instead. Hence this church was reconsecrated and renamed.


It is two-storey, with two pairs of gigantic recessed-bordered Corinthian pilasters flanking the doorway. One pair flanks the window above the architrave and supports the little triangular pediment; the outer pairs of the upper storey are stumps supporting two halves of a broken semi-circular pediment. These halves are supported by volutes at the ends of curves from the pediment. There is a campanile, added in 1689.


The interior is on the plan of a Greek cross, with a central cupola. The fresco of the Glory of Heaven in the cupola is by Michelangelo Ricciolini.

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