Santa Serena is a later 20th century public dependent chapel of the parish of San Romualdo Abate a Monte Migliore and is located at the isolated little suburb of Schizzanello, which is on the Via Laurentina 15 kilometres from the city.

St Serena is a mythical figure, an alleged Christian wife of the emperor Diocletian.

Location Edit

The straightening of the alignment of the main road here has left a length of the old road to the east, and this is called Via Santa Serena. At its south end is a block containing a supermarket and a bar. The chapel is hidden away behind this, up a little driveway next to the scrap yard offices.

Appearance Edit

This is a completely plain later 20th century hut, with a pitched and tiled roof. It is side-on to the access driveway, and has no façade. A little campanile or bell-cote is on the north-west corner, and this is visible from the main road if you know where to look.

Liturgy Edit

No information -the parish website is defunct.

External links Edit

The chapel completely lacks an online profile.

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