Santa Teresa dello Scalone was a 19th century convent chapel at Vicolo dello Scalone 12 in the rione Trevi. The street is now called Vicolo Scanderbeg.

The dedication was to St Teresa of Jesus.

History Edit

The Discalced Carmelites established their international headquarters or Generalate here in 1860, and built a convent with a chapel which was open to the public. The previous headquarters had been Santa Teresa a Monserrato.

However, only ten years later they were dispossessed when the Italian government sequestered all conventual property in Rome. Unusually, the friars got the money together to re-purchase the convent premises in 1884 but then only stayed there for another eighteen years. The Generalate then moved to the more commodious premises attached to the new church of Santa Teresa d'Avila which opened 1902. The chapel was then abandoned.

Appearance Edit

According to brief contemporary descriptions, the chapel either had three altars dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St Teresa and St John of the Cross, or a single altar with the triple dedication.

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