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Santi Innocenzo I Papa e Guido Vescovo

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Santi Innocenzo I Papa e Guido Vescovo is a modern parish church at Via Radicofani 33 in the Castel Giubileo district, by the Via Salaria and south of the Fidene train station.

The dedication is an odd combination of two saints. Pope Innocent I died in 417, having witnessed the Sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410. Bl Guy of Acqui was bishop of that town in Piedmont, 1034-70.

The church was completed in 1998, on a square plan. The exterior walls are in red brick, with two horizontal white stripes running all around which also exist on the other buildings of the complex. The roof is flat, with a wide parapet on all four sides formed by upward extensions of the exterior walls. There is an unusual external entrance porch, bearing the two white stripes, flat roofed and with a very shallow rainbow-arc shaped portal (this architectural feature also occurs elsewhere in the complex). To the right of the entrance is a squat tower bearing a complicated cubical metal cage for the bells.

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