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Santi Sette Fondatori is a modern parish church at Piazza Salerno 4 in the Nomentano district, south-west of the Bologna metro station. Picture of the church at Wikimedia Commons. [1]

The parish is administered by the Servite Friars, and the dedication is to their Seven Holy Founders.


It was designed by Alberto Tonelli, and completed in 1956. The main elevation of the church is a dodecagonal drum in red brick, with concrete pilasters forming the corners and with a continuous band of stained glass windows around the roofline. This drum towers over a lower storey with blank external walls faced in whitish stone, this having a ground-plan like a teardrop with the pointed end cut off to form the gabled entrance frontage. The façade is concave, in three equal parts with the outer two absolutely blank. The middle one contains the entrance, which is recessed into an open internal porch with a triangular top edge. The wall under the gable is set back, forming a false pediment, and this has a canopy of two scalene triangle dropping from the roofline so as to divide the space into three triangular voids.


Internally, there is an ambulatory marked off by the concrete pillars supporting the drum. Behind the altar is a mosaic by Ambrogio Fumagalli of 1964, and in the crypt are mementoes of those of the Italian armed forces killed or missing in action.

External linksEdit

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