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Santissima Trinità a Lunghezza is a modern parish church at Via delle Cerquete 15 in the old settlement of Lunghezza, just north of the Strada dei Parchi east of the Circonvallazione Orientale. It took over as the main church from Santa Restituta al Castello di Lunghezza , which is the chapel of the castle around which the village grew.

The dedication is to the Holy Trinity.

Designed by Mario Muratori, it was completed in 1939 and is an uninspiring flat-roofed white rectangular box placed longitudinally right next to the road. There are two identical doorways in the entrance frontage, having little tiled gabled canopies which recall triangular pediments. Two small horizontal rectangular windows are above these, each also with a little gable above. A tilework figurative representation of the Trinity is on the roadside wall.

This church is unusual among churches in Rome both in looking cheap and ugly, and being in indifferent repair.

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Official diocesan web-page

Aerial photo

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